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  • festivals in Bodrum

    Bodrum is famous for its luxury hotels, beach clubs, and colorful nightlife, and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Türkiye. The city is the birthplace of the Blue Voyage. Other than its stellar tourism facilities, Bodrum also hosts various events and festivals showcasing arts & culture, gastronomy, sports, and music.

    Bodrum hosts a wide range of festivals throughout the year such as award-winning festivals, traditional local and international festivals, and colorful dance and music festivals that take place on its beaches. Visitors can choose from a wide range of festivals to try local flavors, experience art, or enjoy music and dancing until the early morning.

    The Bodrum International Ballet Festival, one of the world’s leading ballet festivals, is organized by the State Opera and Ballet, and welcomes outstanding ballet companies from Türkiye and the world. The festival offers a unique experience in the magnificent atmosphere of Bodrum Castle each July and August.

    The İdil Biret Music Festival is named after Türkiye’s world-famous pianist İdil Biret and takes place at the ancient theater of Bodrum in July. Audiences enjoy a musical feast under the stars during the festival.

    The Bodrum Music Festival, one of Bodrum’s most iconic festivals, has been attracting thousands of local and international music lovers every August to Bodrum, Turgutreis D-Marin, where it had been held for many years. In recent years, the event, which is the first music festival takes place in a marina, has been held in various venues such as Bodrum Castle in addition to Turgutreis D-Marin. For over a decade, the festival has been welcoming prestigious soloists, orchestras, and ensembles from Türkiye and abroad. The festival became a member of the European Festivals Association in 2009 and won the "Classical Music Event of the Year Award" at the Donizetti Classical Music Awards in 2012.

    The International Bodrum Dance Festival is on the UNESCO Calendar of Cultural Events as one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe. The festival, which takes place annually in May, is organized by the Bodrum Dance Club Association - Youth Culture & Art Center and brings together thousands of dancers from all over the world. Since 2019, the festival has been divided into different branches such as Ballet, Folk Dances, Modern Dance, and Latin Dances, and has been celebrated in different weeks throughout the festival. As part of the festival, dance shows, performances, and competitions take place in various venues of the Bodrum Peninsula such as Bodrum Castle and the ancient theater of Bodrum.

    Bodrum's prominent music festivals include the Bodrum Jazz Festival, which takes place every September in various venues such as Bodrum Castle and the Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village, and the Gümüşlük International Music Festival, which hosts world-famous classical music and jazz performers in important venues of Bodrum. Various events such as film screenings, exhibitions, and talks are also hosted within the scope of the Gümüşlük International Music Festival.

    International Turgutreis Culture, Art and Tourism Festival, which introduces Bodrum's rich history and vibrant arts & culture scene to local and international visitors, takes place in June. The festival hosts many events such as artist performances, panels, concerts, and exhibitions.

    The Heritage Festival Halikarnassos showcases the rich cultural heritage of Bodrum, one of the world’s cultural marvels. The festival hosts many colorful events such as exhibitions and installations in different venues around the Bodrum Peninsula, as well as kite days, concerts, talks, and events where traditional flavors are presented.

    Film festivals in Bodrum include the Sustainable Living Film Festival that brings together short and feature-length documentaries that present different sustainability themes, and the D-Marin Sea Film Festival, which features sea-inspired films.

    Summer Festivals

    As one of the world’s most popular summer holiday destinations, Bodrum hosts many colorful summer festivals at its various charming beaches.

    Chill-Out Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in İstanbul, has been held in Bodrum in recent years and attracts great interest from festivalgoers. Participants enjoy the sea and sun, music performances by famous DJs, and live concerts on the beach.

    The SunSplash Festival brings together world-famous dance music performers at a beach festival held with a concept of sea, sand, and sun in September. Festivalgoers have the opportunity to taste delicious food, participate in yoga, Pilates, and art workshops, as well as enjoy magnificent music and dance events.

    The Color Fest Bodrum, the Color Splash, the Bodrum Unplugged Festival, and the Zhara Music Festival are the other prominent summer festivals in Bodrum.

    Gastronomy Festivals in Bodrum

    The Aegean region is famous for its delicious traditional cuisine. Bodrum is one of the most popular cities of the Aegean region, and various local and international gastronomy festivals take place here throughout the year.

    The tangerine is the symbol of the Bodrum Peninsula and the harvest of this delicious citrus fruit is celebrated with the Bodrum Tangerine Harvest Festival in January of each year. There are many mouthwatering delicacies made of tangerines available to taste at the festival.

    The Bodrum Bitter Herb Festival showcases local flavors of the Aegean coast identified with Bodrum such as lokum pilaf and keşkek, as well as local products such as olives, olive oil, soap, cheese, and jam. In this colorful festival of spring in Ortakent, visitors can also participate in various cultural activities and competitions.

    Other prominent gastronomy festivals in the region are the Halikarnassos Culture Festival, Slow Cheese Bodrum, the Grape Harvest Festival, the Zai Bodrum Coffee Festival, the Tangerine Dream Festival, and the Bodrum Kraft Fest, which brings music, art, and gastronomy together.

    Sailing Events and Sporting Activities

    Bodrum, the birthplace of the Blue Cruise with its marinas and yacht tourism, has been among the most important tourism destinations of Türkiye for many years now.

    This important destination hosts the Bodrum Cup Yacht Race and the International Bodrum Yacht Show. The Bodrum Cup, one of the biggest yacht races in the Mediterranean, is a classic and has been organized by the ERA Bodrum Sailing Club since 1989. While the sailing races, which are held in October every year, increase the interest in maritime sports, participants celebrate the closing of the sailing season with entertaining events such as concerts and cooking competitions with the participation of famous artists.

    Other important sporting events organized in Bodrum are the Bodrum International Optimist Regatta and the Bodrun Ultra Marathon, a competition attended by national and international athletes.

    Visitors also have the chance to watch Camel Wrestling, an Aegean classic, in the arena at Kızılağaç in December and January.