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  • festivals in Marmaris

    Marmaris is one of Türkiye’s major destinations for yacht tourism and the Blue Voyage. Along with its stunning sandy beaches, seaside attractions, and its historical Old Town with a castle and a grand bazaar, the city is also known for its cultural and sporting events and festivals.

    The International Marmaris Women and Art Festival is organized each year in March by the Kalimerhaba International Friendship Cooperation and Introduction Association. The association also organizes the International Marmaris Poem Festival, which is a sister festival on the same dates. The extensive festival program brings together many painters, poets, writers, and stage actors.

    The Marmaris International Short Film Festival, which takes place in October, offers open-air film screenings at the Netsel Marina and the city's movie theaters. The main purpose of the festival is to enable directors to express their creativity in the most original way and to introduce the works of young filmmakers from Türkiye and abroad to audiences.

    The Marmaris Jazz Festival hosts jazz artists from all over the world on various festival stages such as the ancient theater of Marmaris, stunning beaches, and even on board boats. The music starts during the day and continues late into the evening.

    Other entertaining festivals in Marmaris are the Azmak Fest, organized in August, where participants enjoy the sea, sun, delicious food, and unlimited music, and the Cityfest Marmaris, which promises music, water sports, sea, and sun to festivalgoers in September.

    EcoFest Marmaris is an international ecology festival with creative activities to improve environmental awareness, concerts by famous artists, dance performances, exhibitions, workshops, talks, and a wide range of products exhibited in stands.

    The Marmaris New Year Fest is an event that takes place in Marmaris during December and attracts a lot of attention from both local and international visitors. Within the scope of the festival, many events such as open-air concerts, dance shows, various light and water shows, and performances by street musicians take place across Marmaris. The event kicks off with a parade and hosts a New Year Bazaar at 19 Mayıs Gençlik Meydanı (May 19 Youth Square).

    In addition to the multicolored festivals held throughout the year, Marmaris offers a musical feast to visitors with its many open-air concerts of Turkish and international famous artists. With a bird's-eye view of Marmaris, the ancient theater of Marmaris hosts many colorful cultural and artistic events such as concerts, theatrical plays, and dance performances, especially on summer nights.

    Marine Festivals and Events

    As one of the most important centers of yacht tourism in Türkiye, Marmaris hosts many marine festivals and events.

    The Marmaris International Yacht Club (MIYC) organizes the Marmaris International Race Week, the Marmaris Yacht Charter Show and the Campus Cup, where only university students compete. The Marmaris International Race Week has been held continuously for the last 30 years. The event, organized annually in October, is known as one of the highest-attended regattas in Türkiye and the Eastern Mediterranean. Following the race, the racers and festival visitors enjoy live music performances in a festive, friendly atmosphere. The Marmaris Yacht Charter Show, held every year in May, is very popular with activities such as musical performances, boat races, rowing competitions, and underwater exhibitions. Furthermore, delicious seafood dishes are on offer, and luxury yachts are on display.